Friday, January 13, 2017

Murphy is Alive and Well!

After saying back in November that I was going to blog our adventures, things have been very busy! It takes time to write, and even to try to figure out the topic and what to really talk about! Sorry! I will try to do better! I know there are some of you that really enjoy reading about our adventures.

Last Friday, we closed on the house. We have fully moved out, and are now living in our RV full time! Actually, Jeff got to spend the first night in the coach without me, as I was in a leadership conference for Norwex. He posted pics of HIS first meal.... mind you, this was the weekend of the Blizzard of 2017!

The following night, I took pics of our first meal. And even better, our next door neighbors the Geiser's gave us a going away bottle of Prosecco that was outstanding! We toasted each other and had a fine time. We initially parked out at Hickory Creek Park on Lake Lewisville. This is a beautiful place! Very quiet and right on the water. We enjoyed a few days there before heading out.... but wait, let me back up a bit.

Leading up to the sale, we were feverishly working to get all our stuff sold and the house cleaned out. We found a really interesting couple with 5 kids that needed the van, and they got a great deal! And the kids were so excited about having a "new" van! They all fit, no problem. They are from Eastern Oklahoma, in the mountains, and live in a tiny house, and are pretty much off the grid for all practical purposes. I really enjoyed meeting them.

We also got rid of most of the furniture, much more easily than I ever expected! We made the most of it for a couple weeks, just sleeping on the old mattress on the floor! Such fun! Sort of like when you are just out of college and don't have anything? Zada made the best of it though, by setting her old iMac on a table and using an RV chair! And, the old iMac is gone now, too...

We hired a guy who said he would come the day we were "out" and remove all the rest of the "junk", old mattress, etc. from the house. Since I had to go to Dallas for a much needed haircut, Jeff was there with them. I agreed to pay him $200 for housecleaning and removal. Jeff tried to not hover around them, and spent most of the time outside. After he paid them and went inside, he discovered that they didn't clean ANYTHING! Except they cleaned it out. Even took Elfa shelves out of the guest closet! AND, to absolutely annoy me to no end, they TOOK MY NORWEX! I called them and told them to come back, which they did. They had to dig around in the truck of junk to find my Norwex mop.... They had no idea what they really even had! I was LIVID! And, I made her go clean toilets, as they had taken every toilet brush in the house... and didn't clean the toilets! Didn't clean the kitchen counters, didn't sweep and mop... it was pitiful! I tried to explain to them how important the Norwex, particularly the MOP was! They just didn't get it. After telling them it was the last mop system you will ever need, he said I sounded like an infomercial! Lol... At least I got my mop back!

I can't tell you how stressful that day was! I showed up my my friend Carol's house nearly in tears over those people taking my Norwex... seriously! She answered the door, and my coach was parked outside her house anyway. However, she wouldn't let me come inside. She said that her husband Frank was walking around in his tighty whities (well, maybe she didn't say it in exactly that way!), and I couldn't come in right now. She loaned me a toilet brush (Norwex one!) so I went back to the house to finish up. We are still discovering what is missing. Like our crock pot. But that isn't the point of this part of the story.

Carol was hiding a secret! She and Donalee and Donna, wonderful neighborhood friends of mine from Robson, had been planning a going away surprise party for me! Jeff and I were supposed to come to her house for dinner that night, after all the stress of the day. It had  been planned for a couple weeks, apparently. At some point, she had to let Jeff in on the party, because they were afraid, with my current stress and time problems, I would cancel. Of course, I would have to be sick or something bad to cancel something like a good friend cooking for me! We showed up at the door half an hour late. I walked around the corner, and the whole neighborhood, well, our street anyway, was there! I was totally blown away! I was really feeling down about leaving the neighbors and my friends, although we are totally excited about our next adventure. But this was beyond any expectations I could have had!





How sweet is that!? Of course I cried....


  1. Linda, your blog is great. Looking forward to following all your new adventures. Be safe and be happy. Miss you.