Sunday, January 15, 2017

Did I Mention Murphy?

My last blog left off with the wonderful surprise going away party. After that, Jeff took me to the Hotel Intercontinental in Addison, where the 2017 Norwex Leadership Conference was being held. And I have to say, it was an AMAZING weekend! I learned so much from top leaders, and heard some awesome testimony to what a great company this is. So I will say, if I haven't yet gotten you started with Norwex, message me and let's talk! This company offers so much freedom! Freedom from chemicals in your cleaning and personal care products, and financial freedom, freedom to stay home with kids while doing your homebased business during hours that work for you! Not using this blog as a tool for that, but you really should check it out!
Lots of room for growth, especially in the south and west!

Of course, this was the weekend of the Blizzard of 2017! All the consultants from the north kept apologizing for bringing the weather down! Lol... it was pretty fun to watch, and to know I didn't need to get out in it! There was only really a dusting, but it did get super cold.

And while I was hanging out in a posh hotel, Jeff was stationed at the Hickory Creek Park on Lake Lewisville. This is a corps park, and very, very nice! There were many camp sites with water views, and in fact, ours was right next to the water! Jeff didn't really care much about that, but it was pretty. The dogs loved it, too. He was out there on the coldest weekend, too! Thank goodness we had gotten the furnace fixed.

Jeff's First Meal
He left the water dripping... pipes were good!

See the lake? This is the view!

Of course we had to toast to "our" first night in the new home! Thanks to Barb and Gary for sending us off with a great bottle!

Came from Walmart! Some of the best Prosecco we have had!

On Monday, we checked out and headed to the Colony for a Norwex team meeting. It was a great meeting! While there, I had a bit of trouble navigating the parking lot at the meeting, and we had to remove the car from the trailer and back up a bit. I guess I was getting over-confident! After getting out of that tight spot, we headed towards a Walmart parking lot in Plano. We never arrived. I discovered that the only way to know there is a flat tire on that trailer is to hear the sound of the steel ramp scraping on the ground! It was almost 10, and being on a dark road, Spring Creek, I limped into the Kohl's parking lot at Preston. We called AAA, and a guy came right out, after some discussion with the person on the phone. They couldn't seem to understand our issue, so I just told them to send a flat bed wrecker. The guy was great! He pulled that trailer up onto his flatbed, and it was just a tad wide! He balanced the flat side on the rail, and off we went to park at a Discount Tire Store. There was a Sam's/Walmart right next door, and as a bonus, Central Market was across the street! The next morning, bought a new tire. Asked them what had made it flat, but they apparently couldn't figure it out because the tire was too damaged.  Off we went! Heading towards Shreveport.

As we crossed 75 on LBJ, a trucker pulled beside me, motioning towards the car. Not sure what the problem was, I headed for the exit at Skillman. Before getting there, we heard that sound of scraping again! Not another flat! Crap. Pulled around the corner next to the Denny's, and this time called another roadside assistance. Didn't want to wear AAA out. However, it took these people over 4 hours to come. Numerous phone calls later, we finally got a guy who was a real wheeler-dealer! He wanted to tow the dolly to "his shop" instead of the trailer location we had decided on just 3 miles away. Why a trailer shop, you ask? Because the issue was with the trailer! It was making our tires flat. We figure the wider trailer would have been better, but the shop that sold it to us, assured us it would work. We will be visiting them when we get back to Mesa!

Anyway, we went to the Garland Truck and Trailer place anyway. I had already talked to them and they were expecting us. When we arrived, much later than expected, a big guy with a great voice and South African accent met us out front. He had the best laugh! His name was Hardwick, and he may have fixed our issue. Actually one of his guys worked on it. There was a large bolt inside the wheel well that was rubbing the tire. It got so hot that it melted a big bubble in the wheel well, about 1" in diameter. Anyway, a few washers and some bending around of the frame, and it seems to be working. Took until the next morning to get a tire, though. We spent the night at another Walmart.

Hardwick was also able to do a Texas State Inspection on the rig while we were there, too, so that will help when we gather the rest of the crap Texas wants to register the coach. But that is another story!

We made it to Shreveport without further incident. Had a great time visiting with nephew Scott, his wife Mary, and the kids, Calvin and Catherine. Went and watched Catherine's first marshal arts lesson. She did great! And we got to watch Calvin practice with bows and arrows. In school. Elementary school...

Catherine is the one on the left! So cute!

After leaving, we decided to swing through Livingston which is our new mailing address. There is a really nice RV park here, along with the offices for Escapees mail, etc. It was confidence building to drive on the Texas side roads and farm to market roads that we had to take to get here. After all that flat tire stuff, and the parking lot at the meeting, I had lost some confidence driving.

And yes, that is rain!

It is very pretty here, but I doubt we will stay long. We have not had any luck with the errands we were hoping to accomplish here. Registering our rig, and changing the address on the Lincoln. Sadly, we were given bad information in Denton county. It would have worked to get the Lincoln done, though, had Jeff not lost the paper part of his new driver's license. We will now have to wait until the card comes in.

The best thing about our spot is the huge oak tree that shades us! And the sunsets here are amazing, too!



Buh-bye, Murphy!

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