Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 30, Great US Army Corp Campground!

Jeff took off from where we parked at the Norton Fire Department, and I didn't really sleep in. He texted me that there was a McDonald's a couple blocks up, so I went there to get my coffee and got him some breakfast. I know that we both really appreciated the guys there for allowing us to park. As we had let it get so dark and a wide spot was not opening up for us. The population is much more dense in this area, and there are just not that many spots that are not driveways.

On our way into Akron, we passed several little towns. I was finally able to find some gas that was more reasonably priced, still wishing I had gassed up in Lodi! But waiting longer saved me a lot! This little township was on a really nice looking little lake. I got the dogs out to explore a bit while we waited on Jeff. They didn't handle it well. After trying to find things to eat in the grass, they ended up, one in my lap, and the other sitting right next to me, on one of those benches overlooking the lake. They never went close to the water. I think the sound of the water lapping on the shore scared them. They need to get out more! This has done them a lot of good in that regard, but they still have room for improvement! So, I'm really not sure of the township name, but the lake was called Springfield Lake, and it might be in a town called Springfield, or Lakemore.



There was an awesome little memorial park there, with tons of flowers, also. And the little church was across the street from the park and firestation.

Another town was Deerfield. Of course, they had a war memorial. I think it might be required of all little towns! (Not to make fun, I think it is awesome that they make this a priority. We need to honor our war and service veterans more than we do!)


Another great little town was Atwater. It seemed a bit off the beaten path, but we went through anyway. That is where I got gas for much less, although not as low as Lodi. The thing I really loved about this town was this church. Such a beautiful old building!



Since we are in an area that is much more population dense, we are seeing a lot of old houses that are really cool. I just cannot imagine the time, effort and money that it takes to update and restore one of these homes!



As the homes get more densely packed together, I expect we will see a lot more really cute, eccentric things along the road. Here are a few from today.

Excellent use of an old pallet, don't you think?

It's an alien frog!

I guess this is like a visible time capsule history
of this farmstead.

I would never have thought to make a planter like this!
Jeff continues to find interesting things on the shoulders of the roads. Some can be so comical, others just odd....

NO!!! Not Spidey!

Jeff didn't even open the fortune cookie. I would have been terribly curious!

Some poor baby lost their blankie!
The road ahead has really changed!

As we came into Akron, I really expected more. I guess since we stayed on highway 224 right through the south of it, we probably missed a lot of stuff. I found these bicycle friendly signs interesting. They had no bike lanes or even very good shoulders. So why go to the trouble to measure and sign?


The east/northeast really likes their old cars! I imagine it is the same way at home, but I never really noticed. I did work with a guy who restored old cars. Come to think of it, I have worked with a couple over the years.

This poor thing is schizophrenic! I'm a car, no I'm a motorcycle! Cute and ingenious, though.
The landscape here is much more tailored, so there are not nearly as many wild flowers along the highway. Lots of mowing going on! But it is so moist here, stuff grows really well.

This one was planted in a park. But so pretty!


I had my sights on a campground just the other side of Berlin Lake, in Berlin Center. When I arrived to check it out, while Jeff was still running, the lady there said not only could we not dump, but we could not stay there! I found these folks on the internet, advertising they were a campground, AND they listed over night rates as well as their seasonal rates! Thankfully, there was an Army Corp campground just south of the highway. Mill Creek Campground at Berlin Lake. It was great! We got their last electric hook up spot, and only paid $20! Considering it is a holiday weekend, and they were packed, I was surprised to actually find something! The campsites were not as close together as we have seen in many campgrounds. It was spacious and well run!

We met these folks, who were on their way home from vacation, on the bridge over Berlin Lake. They were truly excited over what we are doing! I am just excited we are almost there!


After finding a Mailbox of the Day like this right off the bat, why keep looking?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 29, Stayed at a Firestation!

Jeff left the campground very early this morning and I slept late! Much more than normal. Not really sure why, either. Just getting tired, maybe? Got all the little things done that compose breaking camp and headed out. The campground was a little over a mile off the road. We don't have any pics of the campground, but Jeff captured a couple of interesting things on his way out. Of course, the local dogs just go nuts when he runs by!


This was on the road. It is just a mock up. Not sure why, I guess they are trying to be friendly. It was interesting, though.
The little town of Nova was not open for business. Too bad. The general store looked kind of interesting.


We went through several small towns today. I really hate that they all seem to be running together! We are less than 2 weeks to finish this, other than the October ceremony in Emmitsburg. We have now been on the road since May 26 when we left Dallas. We made it to Coos Bay in 3 days, driving hard, and going through areas I have never been. Like Bakersfield CA. I love CA, but I won't ever need to revisit that area of it! And then Jeff hit the road on May 31, and we have been doing this routine ever since.

Anyway, back to the little towns. Sullivan was one of the smaller ones. But, it had the usual war memorials.



My favorite I think was Lodi. I have no idea why. Maybe because of Lodi CA. And the flowers on their sign look a lot like grapes!


There were a lot of old restored cars in the town, too.

This intrigued both of us. But, we didn't stop.

Oh, and that is where Jeff had lunch, just as we came into town. In retrospect, I wish I had gassed up there, too. I thought, mistakenly, that the closer into Akron we got, the prices would fall. Of course, they rose over 30 cents! So I waited longer, and ended up finding it a little less.

Obviously a LOT of school spirit!

Jeff had this awesome looking burger.
 There were plenty of things along the way that were interesting. There always are. They are very patriotic in this region, too!

I love the Oreo cows! 

It's 5 o'clock somewhere!


Today was the day to find sports items on the road.

But I'm not sure where the business end of this golf club went!
And then we went through this little berg. Westfield. It appeared to be very exclusive, the buildings were all similar, and the golf course was amazing! Of course, Jeff stopped in to the fire station to chat for a bit.





Yesterday I mentioned the great big red barns that are everywhere out here. Today, I saw this one. It is not red, nor is it really big, or old. But it looked really cool. And the horses that lived there were really pretty.


I am really glad to see some changes in the scenery again, too. The rolling, wooded hills are quite a change from the flat farmland of Illinois and Indiana. I have a feeling we will see a lot more changes! We are headed right through the mountains of Pennsylvania in a few days.


By dark, we were wondering where to stay. We pulled into Norton, and saw the big, new firestation there. Yes, it was dark, but not really too late to knock on the door! Joe met us out there, showed us around, and even arranged for us to park in their parking lot for the night! It was great. You should see this station. It really was very nice. And they had a lot of equipment there.


Loved the light switches!

We did manage to get several Mailbox of the Day shots, too! Enjoy.