Saturday, October 29, 2016

Where Have I Been?

I have been thinking about starting the blog up again lately, for several reasons. Here is my list:

1. I turn 60 (today).
2. We have our house on the market in order to do a couple thing.... the first would be to buy a used RV and travel the country, taking time to see things this time, and also there is the other plan of perhaps moving to Costa Rica.
3. We have discovered the joys of getting the toxic chemicals out of our home and our lives, and hope that this transition will lead to a longer more healthy life on the road!

Here I am on my 60th birthday, having a FREE Starbuck's after voting. 

Now that the list is out there, I have also realized that part of my hesitation to begin again was simply how time consuming a daily blog really was! Of course, while we were running cross country for firefighters in 2014 with our RV and our non-profit, Support For Firefighters, it was really a daily thing to keep in touch with our friends and the people, like you, who were interested in our wanderings! I enjoyed the process of logging our travels, and am considering a picture book with some blog posts for accent.

So I have bargained with myself, knowing full well it was time to get it going again. My bargain is that I have decided to only require myself to write once or twice a week, and especially when there is something interesting to relate.

In this, my first blog in awhile, I will be talking about bullet point #1. Turning 60. I wasn't even bothered by 40, but 50 was a bigger blip. This decade is scary! I notice so many things that have been easy for me for years, being more difficult. Clothing shrinks much faster! Is this common? Do the threads just get old? Hmmm.... I'll have to work more on that one. Start a diet?

About a year ago, I decided to re-join Jazzercise. This was one of my all time favorite ways to work out and keep in shape. Good aerobic work, balance and coordination, and also some weight work. And, it was always FUN! It took me months to get past all the little aches and pains that popped up! I went to the doctor at one point, sure that I was developing some kind of cyst on my wrist, only to find out I was suffering from tendonitis. Really? But, I love Jazzercise, and still go. I don't get as worked up during class now, and keep it pretty low impact. I notice that when I miss a week, things begin to ache again. This is really disturbing!

Ok, honestly, our lives just change as we get older. Things that I remember my grandmother telling me, or the older guys at the fire station when I was a young rookie, that just didn't make sense at the time, make sense now! Like a lightbulb! Living here at Robson Ranch (for active adults who want a nice resort lifestyle), I have learned a lot more. About being older, and about what actually gets better!

We still have Jeff's father with us, although he is 94. When he turned 90, he jumped out of an airplane for the first time! He was a pilot in WWII, Korea, and even the beginnings of Viet Nam. He had always landed his plane while still in it.

Cal Venable at his 90th Birthday Bash.

The last 4 years have been hard on him. He has lost his wife of MANY years, and has buried a daughter. His other daughters have had other medical issues. Lisa, the youngest daughter, is a most amazing woman! She first was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer a number of years ago. Her faith, and the faith of those surrounding her, have brought her through her cancer several times. It is truly amazing! She has had 2 brain surgeries, and is still going strong!

This is Jeff and I, and his sister Lisa and her husband Steve in Italy a few years ago.
Jeff is still healthy, although he is not running to the degree he was a couple years ago. I know that he misses traveling to races and hanging out with his running groups of friends. I am still healthy, as well. Which is why we have come to the decision to sell our home and travel the country in an RV for a while! Those sorts of things have to be done while still young enough and healthy enough to really enjoy them.

I'll be talking a bit more about that in my next blog. In the meantime, I am having a wonderful 60th birthday weekend, with some awesome friends! Yesterday evening, we had a rendition of our new neighborhood thing called Driveway Drinking at our driveway, in celebration. Honestly, it was MUCH easier than throwing a big party! ;) In this neighborhood, the living areas are in the rear of the home. It is very hard to tell if your neighbor is around, or even sitting on the back patio having a glass of wine! So, one of our very creative ladies came up with the idea of gathering lawn chairs, bringing a beverage, and sitting in the driveway to gather anyone that was available! It has been working famously!