Monday, January 30, 2017

Settling In

Well, actually, we have been here at the Casa Grande RV Park for about 2 weeks. It has been bitter cold, and windy, and rainy! Finally, the last couple of days it actually got above 60. Should be looking at shorts weather by next week!

We are still setting up. Been too cold to put out any patio stuff yet! Next week!

I had a miserable cold for the whole drive out here. Once that cleared up, last week there was a local car show and street fair here in Casa Grande. It was really fun! Not so much the cars, as cars don't mean much to me other than transportation, but the street vendor part was really cool. We talked to a young man who did the most amazing art with heat on copper sheets. He has perfected his craft well, and had some really amazing things! Since we don't have any walls to speak of, we didn't buy anything. But we wanted to! We walked up and down the street talking to people. As we were leaving, having grabbed a sandwich at one of the vendors, we were passing a food truck where the lady was just so full of life and really, really wanted us to try her fried fish. It was a soul food truck, called Whitty's Chicken and Fish. A real family affair, too! Since we had just eaten, we said not now, but she was determined that we would love her fish. So, she brought us out a piece to sample. It was amazing! Going to have to track her truck down again soon! We were going to show up on Sunday and eat there, but Jeff woke up with the stomach flu. Which I woke up with the next day.... will have to track them down soon! They were from Surprise, AZ. Should be easy to find.

We had to take the coach into Phoenix for something (that the dealership didn't get done... still waiting on that part!). When we got back and backed it in, it just seemed to me like the outside tire on the drivers side was low. Looked low... Right?

I worried. A guy brought over his compressor and checked the air. Said it was great, like 113 psi. Hmmm.... I worried some more. The next morning, I decided we would be taking her in to get the tires checked. Worried all the way to a local tire shop. Wasn't flat. Just not right! So, the guy spent 30-45 minutes checking the tires, finding half of the 6 low, and 2 with loose valve stems! The one I worried about was about 70 pounds! I guess there was good reason to worry. The tires were new. The shop replaced 2 valve stems, aired up all tires, and didn't charge us a thing! They were great. So if you ever need any tires or automotive work done in Casa Grande, Arizona, give Ed Whiteman's Tire Shop a call. They also told me that for a nominal fee, they would have brought the tire truck to me and checked everything at our site. Who knew? We are taking the car into them for an oil change. I just love finding places that have knowledgeable people and are customer oriented!

The RV park reminds me of Robson Ranch in many ways. The people are super friendly, and there are things going on all the time. Pickle ball, water volleyball, water zumba, they serve free waffles and coffee in the clubhouse every morning. There are a couple of meals in the clubhouse each week, also. Pot luck and pay, and there is a mahjong group that meets weekly. And, card games and pool tables, and lots of stuff. We have been meeting people from all over. Not many license plates here from Arizona!

Even at 60 there are people in the pool! Brrr....

We have been looking for some fairly local places to go hiking. Apparently, we are between a rock and a hard place.... nothing really within 20 miles of here! So we are still working on that angle. It is at least no longer bitter cold and windy!

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  1. Sounds like a great park. Glad you sound so happy😀