Wednesday, January 18, 2017

We Drove This in 17 Hours in the Car!

If you saw my Facebook Live broadcast today, you would know that we finally got into Arizona! It is amazing to me how many times we have driven this route in the car, and got there the same day! Let me recap the last few days for you.

Monday morning we left Livingston, heading south for I 10. Luckily, we missed traffic going through both Houston and San Antonio! I never realized how pretty that part of the state was. Once we got past the sauna that Houston was, it was pretty nice. Drove through a bit of rain here and there, but nothing overwhelming. Had a wonderful dinner at Buccee's between Houston and San Antonio. Who knew they had great salads? And they have pretty good sandwiches, and even hot stuff made fresh. I totally have gotten on the Buccee's bandwagon! While there, we talked to a family that was bringing their 5th wheel back from a weekend camping trip. They were really nice to talk to. Great kids, too, who even as teens, loved traveling with their parents and camping. I thought that was so cool. No pic of them.... not sure why! Big oversight. We must get better at this! Jeff did get this pic of a cute sign in the grass at Buccee's....

Tuesday, we drove through some of my favorite countryside in Texas! Anywhere in the Hill Country! But we started out by stopping at an HEB grocery. That parking lot was a bit difficult, and the store was not that much like a Central Market. We were looking for breakfast. Only found donuts. My tummy did not like me much for that!

Once we were on the highway again, just northwest of San Antonio, it was so pretty! Passing by Comfort (hey, Mags!), Kerrville, etc. So pretty! I had never been on 10 past Kerrville before, and thought it was amazing country. We both could see "settling" in that area down the road...

Look closely and you will see the Llano River! Just beautiful!

Tuesday night, which was last night, was spent at a roadside rest area in the middle of nowhere, Texas. Past Junction, but not to the I 10-20 merge, there was no cell coverage out there! Bummer. Got up this morning to foggy areas. No real rain, though. We have left the rain behind.

While in New Mexico traveling on I 10, there is a Petro Truck Stop that is fairly new, and has a Starbuck's. We decided to stop, let the dogs out (they have a real grass doggy area!), and get a brew. There is always an old fire truck parked there, I guess it is their mascot or something. I was challenged as usual finding a place to park the rig and toad. The issue there is that the tow dolly cannot be backed due to the brake assist function. So, I struggle to park even at a truck stop! They are all quite adept at backing those rigs into tight spots. Anyway, I circled around and parked next to the old fire truck. I was really surprised to see how much BIGGER we were than a FIRE TRUCK! Lol...

A short while later, we finally found our home state for the next couple of months! We will finally arrive in the Phoenix area tomorrow. Luckily, I was able to find a parking spot at the TA Travel Center in Wilcox AZ.... we now had a bit of internet. I'm surprised, though, that with full LTE bars on the phone, we aren't both able to do much. This could be a major kick in our plans! Right now, we have boosted to 25 gigs per month to run our hot spot. And our streaming tv system. Hope it works. Wifi at RV parks is notoriously bad!

 On a happy note, the girls seem to be getting past their depression. Zada is bringing us toys again when we come "home" to the coach, and they are both sitting in Jeff's lap while I'm driving.

Yes, all 3 asleep!
Playing nice together in their bed.

So while driving, and there is no one to talk to, I can talk to my beautiful hummingbird friends that are clipped to the fan in front of me. This will always take me back to the Ranch, with my wonderful friends that I miss so much! You can't see them very well but one is bright red, and the other green.

And now I will leave you for today with an Arizona sunset at the truck stop!

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  1. Thx for keeping us updated on your adventures😀