Thursday, November 17, 2016


Things have been busy around here! Good news, first. We have a contract on the house! Which, of course, is bittersweet, as I really love my neighborhood and the friends that I have made here! That makes me really thankful for this blog, Facebook, text and email. We can keep in touch by seeing what is going on in each other's every day lives, just as we are living a few houses down the block. We will certainly have to cruise through Denton sometimes, just to say hi!

One of the things that is really making me crazy right now is the need to purge pretty much all we own. Although I have rented a VERY small storage room which is climate controlled, that is basically for the tax records, other records we need to save, a few boxes of momentos (we can't possibly part with boxes of marathon finisher's medals!), and just small stuff. Like my fire department annuals. Who knows? I might want to take a look at those in 20 years!

My rookie photo. I was so young!

A fire we had not too long before I retired. Sometimes I miss it!

While looking for those old fire pics, I had a great time thinking back on those times. I will have to do a post with some of my fire department memories.

So imagine: you have 6 weeks to get rid of all your stuff. We're talking about kitchen ware, glasses, wine glasses, lots of gadgets that never get used, all the stuff in those pesky "junk" drawers! WHAT?!?! Furniture, clothing we don't use, books, bedding... not to mention all the junk in the garage. Why not just have a moving sale, you might ask? Valid question. Unless you are in my HOA. Then you would know we are not allowed to host an event like that. I thought about an estate sale, but the rules actually indicate there needs to be a death certificate....Don't get me wrong, the HOA has really helped to keep the neighborhood from looking junky. I think I will have an "Open House" one afternoon, and then have a "by appointment only" moving sale. Anyone have better ideas? This is happening NOW! Our closing is slated for January 6, but I am hoping to do it on the 9th.

In the meantime, we will be looking for the right RV, one that fits our personality and doesn't need too much work. Our goal is to find a Class A, maybe 10 years old, with low mileage. I think our hope is to be somewhere between 35-38 feet. Looking for one that age, we will certainly need a few updates. Perhaps tires, TV technology, and we want to rip out any carpet and have a hard surface installed. Hopefully, we will be able to install a Murphy type bed in the back, and use that space as an office during the day! We are still working on that possibility.

As functional as the Class C we had was for our trek across the country for Support for Firefighters, Inc., we really need a bit more room to actually LIVE in one! It was cozy, though, and so much fun!

Good times! Sorry, I seem to have no structure on this post! I will sign off now and plan a better post next time.

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