Thursday, November 10, 2016

For Sale

On the eve of election day, don't worry, I won't even talk about that! Lol... other than to say I am so glad that it will be over. Or at least on to the next version of hate. How have American's gone so far? The hate that I have been seeing on Facebook is astounding. During a time with such a great technological ability to communicate with anyone on the globe, we should be establishing good relationships, and learning how to better understand and get along with one another. This is so sad to me. Recently, I have revisited a series of lectures by none other than Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich).  Some of the most amazing ideas! I find myself listening and wondering how we have gone so far from the American businessman (woman) having integrity, honor, and respect for others. Loyalty is not longer common and easy to find. I really fear for our country, and our world. We were not put here to harbor hate for our fellow man.

<Obviously, I got busy and didn't finish this post before the election results. I am really sad about the backlash. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect, but like everyone else, felt the polls and predictions for Hillary were probably valid. Like everyone else, I was pretty surprised.>

Ok, off my soap box. I have refrained from posting my political views, so why start now?

Bullet point number 2 from the last post. We have listed our home for sale so that we can get an RV and travel the country. Again, but in a different way. In 2014, Jeff was one step in front of another for 103 days. We had to keep a forward progress, or not meet our goal of being at Ground Zero on 9/11. That left him averaging 37 miles per day, with no time off for sightseeing. Periodically, he would pass by something worth looking at, and take some time from his schedule. But there were so many things that we didn't get a chance to see. Places that were too far from our course to visit.

This property for sale!

After spending a couple years back here, we have decided there were places we really wanted to see. And, we really enjoyed the RV lifestyle, although our experience was not common. This time we will do things differently. Stay at one location for maybe a few weeks! Spend some time exploring the area, hiking, or whatever might tickle our fancy. Find out what full-timing is REALLY like! Honestly, I think this is more my dream than Jeff's. But, to his credit, he is happy to give it a shot. Having grown up in a military family, he doesn't stay in one place for very long!

This is one of the places we'd like to revisit. The pine forest in Oregon. Oregon was a wonderful state, and I suspect we will spend quite a bit of time in the Northwest. We never made it to Washington state, either. Or Florida. Or California. Or Montana. Sigh. We have a lot to do!

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